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EME Funding Process

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The assessment criteria used by the EME Board Sub-Group for Remit & Competitiveness is:

  1. The relevance of the application to the EME Programme remit.
  2. The competitiveness of the application. To include: is it value for money, what is its relationship to the EME funded portfolio, is it of sufficiently high scientific quality to be considered by the Board?
  3. The priority of the application. To include: how does this application meet the priorities set by the EME Strategy Group and the EME funders, what is the evidence that this is a priority area that needs to be researched, will it have a high impact on the individual, health and the economy, does it have the potential to make significant scientific breakthroughs?

The assessment criteria used by the EME Board is:

  1. The scientific quality.
  2. The feasibility of the research proposed.
  3. Value for money.

The Development Funding Scheme (DFS*) 

* The Board may invite an applicant to resubmit an application, which requires specific changes.  Where the scale of changes would benefit from small scale funding, and where it is unlikely that existing institutional funding would be available, the Board may invite an application to the Development Funding Scheme which will fund additional required work up to £50,000.

The assessment criteria for the Development Funding Scheme (DFS*) is:

1.     Would a revised application drive forward the EME strategy?

2.     Does the scale of feedback from the Board need additional funding?

3.     Does the research team have sufficient experience to deliver the research?

Invited applicants will be required to submit a:

DFS Application Form

Summary of the outcomes/outputs of the funding to be made available on the EME web site. 

Revised research proposal application

The assessment criteria used by the EME Strategy Group is:

To review the Board’s recommendations for funding applications, and to advise the Programme Director on a ranked list of applications based on:
  1. The availability of the budget.
  2. The programme strategy.
  3. The programme’s existing portfolio.

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