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HTA Bulletin - November 2013

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News about HTA projects and activities; Funding opportunitiesIdentifying important research questions; Becoming a reviewer; New titles in the HTA Journal; Recent articles on HTA funded projects published in other media



Focus on prostate and testicular cancer research

MovemberProstate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men and claims the lives of 10,000 men in the UK every year, with testicular cancer affecting around 2,100 each year. Movember is a national campaign partnered by Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research, set up to help raise awareness about these diseases and support men’s health programmes set up to combat them. The NIHR Evaluation Trials and Studies (NETS) research programmes fund research into these important areas, helping to inform the work of NHS and key policy makers. [more...] 

HTA Conference 2013

Videos and presentations from the HTA Programme 20th anniversary conference are now available on the conference website. Also, a reminder if you attended the conference, please remember to complete the evaluation form. Visit the conference website.

European Antibiotic Awareness Day – how the NIHR is making a difference

Antimicrobial resistance is a global problem and a major threat to the future of healthcare. National and international action is needed to improve treatment, education and monitoring. In response to this, the National Institute for Health Research has issued a call for research into the evaluation of public health measures, healthcare interventions and health services to reduce the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance. [more...]

The NIHR’s commitment to publication of research

Many results from clinical trials remain unpublished, according to a recent article published in the BMJ. The article raises the issue that by not publishing results, publication bias is created and trial participants do not see the benefits to society that they’d hoped for. [more...] 

New funding opportunities to evaluate healthcare interventions and services for homeless people

The Health Services and Delivery Research (HS&DR) and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programmes are seeking applications for funding that evaluate healthcare interventions and services for homeless people. [more...]

NIHR Funding Centres Bulletin now available

The NIHR Funding Centres Bulletin is a bi-monthly publication and the November edition is now available, please visit. This edition includes funding opportunities, support for EME applicants and lots more. 

If you would like to receive an alert when these bulletin are available please visit: and complete the form.

Lancet Symposium on research: ‘increasing value, reducing waste’

A Lancet Symposium on increasing the value of research and reducing waste will be held on 8 January 2014 at University College London Institute of Child Health. The Lancet will publish a series of papers documenting waste from five principal sources – ranging from waste in deciding what research to do, through to waste because of unusable reports of research. Authors of an introductory paper and the five main papers in the series will present their key findings and recommendations for reducing waste.

This free to attend Lancet Symposium is supported by the Department of Health for England and is of particular relevance to research funders, research regulators and academic institutions, but it is likely to be of interest to research users (including the public), researchers and journals.

Registration is now available at:

Funding opportunities

Evidence Synthesis: Submit your research proposals to the HTA Programme


Evidence synthesis is key to the HTA Programme as it is committed to rapidly generating research evidence on the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness and broader impact of healthcare treatments and tests for those who plan, provide or receive care in the NHS. We accept applications covering a range of evidence synthesis study designs including:


Systematic reviews;

Economic models;

Mixed-treatment comparisons;
Expected Value of Information studies.


Applications can be submitted via our two workstreams:


Commissioned workstream:

Evidence Synthesis (full proposals)

The next calls for evidence synthesis will close at 1pm, 8 May 2014. Proposals are invited on the following topics:

• 13/136 HbA1c targets for people with type 2 diabetes;
• 13/137 Interventions to increase the uptake of diabetic retinopathy screening;
• 13/138 Managing diabetes in people with dementia.


Primary Research: two stage (outline to full proposal)
Proposals are invited on 21 topics. Deadlines for applications are 1pm on 19 December 2013 (4 topics), 1pm on 7 January 2014 (11 topics) and 1pm on 8 May 2014 (6 topics).


Full details and guidance for applicants are available on the HTA website [more...] 


Research in homeless populations invited
For the current round, we are interested in receiving research proposals to advance existing knowledge on the clinical and cost-effectiveness of particular therapeutic interventions in the homeless population. The deadline for proposals is 1pm on 6 January 2014. For more details and how to apply, please visit the
HTA researcher-led call webpage.


Researcher-led upcoming cut-off dates

6 January 2014

12 May 2014

8 September 2014 


Identifying important research questions: We want to hear your ideas

Through the commissioned workstream, the HTA Programme identifies and prioritises NHS evidence needs and advertises calls for research proposals to address these.
In order to identify important research questions, we consult widely with stakeholders within the NHS and NIHR, external organisations representing health professionals and patients and carers and, with policy-makers. We are keen to receive your suggestions. If you have a suggestion, please visit our website and complete the electronic research suggestion form.

What makes a good research question?

• Important to the NHS
• Focused on patients, clinical outcomes and quality of life
• Supported by current evidence (e.g. a systematic review)
• Timely, so that the research will continue to be needed following completion of the study
• Structured to provide a clear, well defined research question

If you would like to find out about opportunities for getting involved in identifying topics for HTA research, please email Faye Gowing or call her on 02380 597701.

Are you interested in becoming a reviewer?

We are seeking people from a wide range of professional backgrounds to review proposals received in response to NIHR calls. If you could help our programmes in this way please see our becoming a reviewer page.

New titles in the Health Technology Assessment Journal

The Health Technology Assessment journal now appears on the NIHR Journals Library website

17.52 Omalizumab for the treatment of severe persistent allergic asthma: a systematic review and economic evaluation (Norman)

17.51 Improving the economic value of photographic screening for optical coherence tomography-detectable macular oedema: a prospective, multicentre, UK study (Olson)

17.50 A systematic review of risk assessment strategies for populations at high risk of engaging in violent behaviour: update 2002-8 (Whittington)

17.49 The impact of continuous haemofiltration with high-volume fluid exchange during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery on the recovery of patients with impaired renal function: a pilot randomised trial (Matata)

17.48 Clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of minimally invasive techniques to manage varicose veins: a systematic review and economic evaluation (Carroll)

17.47 A cluster randomised controlled trial to determine the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of classroom-based cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) in reducing symptoms of depression in high-risk adolescents (Stallard)

Recent articles on HTA funded projects published in other media

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