HS&DR commissioned funding opportunities

The HS&DR commissioned workstream focuses on evaluating models of service delivery and interventions which have the potential to improve service effectiveness, efficiency and productivity. There are three rounds, with up to nine separate call topics per year.

This page contains all the documents and information you need to complete your proposal form. Please read the instructions carefully.

There are currently no funding opportunities available. 

Supporting information

*Please note: This document is to be used as a guide and to assist with completion of the on-line application form only, for example to see how many characters are accepted in each section and how the printed complete form is laid out will look. Please do not try to use this as an application form, you must apply using the online form available through the links available when calls are open. You should also refer to the application form guidance notes which can be found next to the ‘Apply Now’ button. 

All projects need to consider whether a programme appointed Study Steering Committee will be required and it is important that you read the SSC guidance (pdf, 199.04 KB) before completing your application. You may also find the HS&DR SSC checklist for applicants (doc, 23.06 KB) useful.

Anyone can submit an idea for a research topic. If you would like to suggest a topic relating to healthcare where you feel more research is needed, please send it to hsdrinfo@southampton.ac.uk.

You can sign up for HS&DR Programme funding alerts and bulletins by emailing us at hsdrinfo@southampton.ac.uk. Please give your name, job title and organisation in the body of the message.


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